Saturday, November 3, 2012


Hi,  My name is Patrick Augustus Jonas. My birth place is Kingston Jamaica. I live in the USA. And do business here.                                                                                          I came to America with  skill tread woodwork  I'm a Designer Cabinet maker, Specialize in Custom Make Furniture. Kitchen Cabinet & SLAT-WALL installment & Gondola  installment for any store name it Pharmacy.supermarket.Clothing store. Jewelry store.Cellular store. & Radiator cabinet home Heating place. estimate is free plus you get FREE gift basket "idea" Have you been thinking about starting a gift basket business? Are you researching the INTERNET to find out how to start a gift basket business? opportunity at Giftbasketideas or call me at 646 3774498  for more info on Lock Smith   KEY CUTTING SERVICE It's  free in Brooklyn community my Value for the committee.                                                        I am for the community . my idea is to provide big saving for the committee to take advantage of and save money in their pocket to spend more on their family  friends and their children.  A skill I love so much with passion,  Now I am taking the FOLEY BEL-SAW LOCKSMITH     Training skill pack course To service the community with more VALUE high security Home safety.   THANK YOU Looking forward to here from you 

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